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Adding Village Names to the Map; OSM Uganda Community

90% of villages in Uganda have been documented on the map, promoting visibility and inclusivity for all.

In an age where data drives decision-making, having accurate, comprehensive, and up-to-date mapping information is very important. The OpenStreetMap (OSM) Uganda community has successfully added over 54,000 village names to the map through OpenStreetMap, thus covering an astounding 90% of villages across Uganda.

The significance of this detailed mapping includes the following;

Disaster Response and Preparedness

In times of crisis, every second counts. Uganda, like many countries, faces its share of natural calamities. A detailed updated map means that disaster response teams can quickly pinpoint affected areas, ensuring that assistance is dispatched promptly and reaches the right communities. This initiative potentially saves lives, making this detailed mapping an essential tool in disaster management.

Drone aerial view of a community in Kisoro after a mudslide disaster, Photo Credit: OSM Uganda

Paving the Way for Urban Planning
Uganda’s cities, like Kampala, are rapidly evolving. With the influx of people and the race to provide amenities, having an updated map becomes an urban planner’s best friend. With this data, planners, and policymakers have a detailed view, allowing them to make informed decisions.

Bridging the Accessibility Gap
A country’s growth is often measured by its connectivity. Whether it’s roads, utilities, or services, knowing even the remotest village locations promotes inclusivity. This gives communities the power to advocate for access to basic amenities, healthcare, and education.

A snapshot of a map showing village names in Maracha, Photo Credit: OSM Uganda

Equitable Resource Distribution

Understanding the geographical distribution of villages aids in crafting policies that ensure an equitable allocation of resources, bringing balanced growth and development to all corners of the country.

How does one decide where to place a new school or hospital? Through detailed maps, of course.

A Detailed Map

A snapshot of Uganda showing statistics of village names added to the map by the community, Photo Credit: OSM Uganda

It’s fascinating how a map can be so much more than lines and names. For Uganda, this updated map symbolizes progress, recognition, and hope. Every village marked on the map is a testimony to a community’s identity, ensuring they are seen, heard, and catered to, every place and its people matter.

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